A N A L O G: A journey into the golden age of synthesisers...
A unique album recorded entirely using vintage analogue sound equipment from a time when reverbs still had a spring in their step, sounds were obese and knobs were there to be tweaked.
Glass Mind
Hidden Below
Distant Focus
Prying I
Shy Dancer
They're Behind You
Fly Alone
Blue Tears
The sounds used on ANALOG are a virtual museum of studio technology. For anyone who grew up in the '70's and were stirred by the creepy synthetic textures of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, (as used on Dr Who and Blakes 7) this album presents a much needed return to the origins of electro.
ANALOG is raw and edgy, a polar oppposite to tthe "easy listening" instrumental synth albums you can hear in any elevator. This is industrial white lab-coat music with more in common with the early dabblings of Cabaret Voltaire and Throbbing Gristle than Vangelis or Jarre. Prepare to be disturbed and excited by this one-of-a-kind recording and take yourself back to when you first heard synthesier sounds and they still scared you!

Reviewer: Hugh Watts (Customer) - Rating 9/10

Having read quite a lot about this album on the internet before it came out, I was very keen to get my hands on a copy of this. Put quite simply, there's nothing quite like this out there at the moment. It's like a very old experimental synthesizer album with lots of strange sounds and an eerie atmosphere but recorded to todays exacting audio quality standards to sound crisp and clear. For once, there's nothing pomp rock about this release either. Analog has a pure DNA strand from the new-wave/avant-garde/proto-industrial scene of the early eighties. The list of vintage equipment used to record this album is astonishing and a real must for vintage synth fans , (as well as those of us that remember those old British Sci-Fi series on TV like Dr Who and The Tomorrow People). There's even a little bit of a Gary Numan sound in there too! I don't know if that's because there's Polymoog on it or not but sometimes it reminds me of the creepy b side, Asylum... I can't recommend this album enough if you like synth music that is both nostalgic and strange and out-there at the same time. Definitely a 9 out of ten!

Reviewer: Gavin (Customer) - Rating 7/10

If you're idea of analogue synthesizer heaven is a new album by Jean Michel Jarre, this isnt for you. This is analogue synths from the experimental side of the wall. Think early Kraftwerk, old school Human League collaborating with John Carpenter. This is the sound of someone who clearly loves his keyboards and the sound they make is a minimal treaure, where every grunt and groan is given its own space and is stretched to breaking point. There's melodies here,but from the darker side of Martins mind. At times its tuneful, irritating, suprising, tinitus inducing, but always experimental and for that it should be applauded.

I was never convinced by the Liquidscreamer project, the restriction of writing "songs" always seemed to be holding him back. But on Analog Martin is allowed to play with his toys and create a beautious racket. Im tempted to give it a higher mark than 7, but im comparing it with proper albums, not just web download tracks by someone you've never heard of. Lets hope we hear more of this in future.

Reviewer: Paul Shepherd (Customer) - Rating 8/10

HEY!! if anyone finds my jaunting belt then give it here, im off to meet the doctor we are under attack from the sea devils....

This album is a rare treat. if you love the smell of electronics and the vintage site of 20th century futuristic landscapes then this is deffinately for you.. its the sound you would hear if you where to go down to zom zoms through the park for your daily soylent green pil . waiting in the que with you is all the early greats numan, foxx, throbbing gristle, fad gadget, human league and kraftwerk to name but a few.. i can describe each and every track a gem and evokes thoughts of the the humming of electric pylons... The real nitty gritty with all the ingredients of the above mentioned giants but withought the polish.. well done martin. I would be like a kid in a sweet shop if i was to own only the plug from the moogs you own...

anyhow its a must if you like your synth at a dangerous high voltage ... should carry a warning sign on the cd cover ..... anyway am off to rip the back from the remote and get a look at the circuitry a may even take the arm panel off my six million dollarman figure and have a peep of the wires...

Reviewer: Faylon (Customer) - Rating 8/10

Martin Carradus is a man with an impressive collection of vintage synthesisers and drum machines. Here on 'Analog' we get to hear the sounds of real living breathing machines as opposed to today's laptop/soft synth variety. Analog is a dark and uneasy album, not a comfortable listen but ultimately rewarding if you persist with the oppressive soundscapes that Martin has created. It's certainly not music for the masses and aimed at a very specialist market but not everybody wants Leona Lewis and Pop Idol fodder. I certainly don't!! It's nice to see a new and exciting electronic music label that is prepared to take chances whilst also signing acts such as tenek which are more geared for the commercial platform.

I look forward to seeing what Mr Carradus produces next. Nice work!

Reviewer: Joe Diver (Customer) - Rating 9/10

Times when this album will serve you almost no good at all;

1. When you are trying to get loved up with your partner after a shared bottle of Asti Spumante (and mayhaps a romantic “Ferrero Rocher” chocolate morsel).

2. When your office party has gone a little flat and you want to fill the dance floor but have lost/scratched your copy of “Agadoo” and the “Birdy dance”.

3. When the latest series of “Pop idol” has finished all too soon for you and you need a fix.

4. When listening to the “Teletubbies” has left you feeling a little challenged by their complex melodic twists and unconventional song structure.

5. When you’ve just lit your latest and most favourite incense stick varietal and are about to sit (or squat) down to try realigning your karma whilst also planning that whale hugging holiday you promised yourself.

In fact if any of the above is you, I don’t think I can emphasise quite how much you really really shouldn’t buy this CD. Really! Don’t buy it. You’ll hate it, I promise. Save your money! (Actually on reflection I quite like both whales and hippies so donate your saved monies to your favourite hippie whale charity). There Karma restored.

“Analog” is electronica in its purest form. Think soundtrack to “Forbidden planet”. Think Delia Derbyshire and the BBC radiophonic workshop. Think a neurologically circuit bent Brian Eno. Put “Analog” in your CD player and you have the auditory equivalent of picking up a psychotic hitchhiker.......after midnight......in the rain - compelling, scary and darkly captivating. This is an album that will conjure images for you. Live dangerously!

So will this be Carradus’ breakthrough album?

No of course not.

Might it be quoted as inspiration for more mainstream albums yet to be written?

Well it just might.........why not be in a position to be able to say “I heard it first”?