BLIND ANOREXIC: a highly anticipated release from long term
John Foxx collaborator Louis Gordon. Blind Anorexic is a
minimal electronica masterpiece that pushes all the right buttons.
This is Louis' debut release on Toffeetones Records and the start
of a great relationship with the label which is about to release
his eagerly awaited follow up, "EST" in the spring of 2009.  
Girl With A Voltage
Jailbait (featuring Allan Owens)
Memories Of Water
Blind Anorexic
Magic Eye
Strange Individuals
Move Through Grey
Movie Stars
Ride My Bike
Beautiful Girls With Miserable Faces
Return Of The Red Eye

Reviewer: Ian Price (CD Baby) - Rating 10/10

Electro magic! Top quality electronica from our favourite electronic Manc. Louis produces another fantastic collection of electro, ambience and invention. Catch Louis live if you can. You can often see Louis jumping up and down in front of his keyboard alongside the UK pioneer of electronic music John Foxx. Blind Anorexic is a highly recommended purchase for anyone who loves electronic sonic sensations :)

Reviewer: Clarke ( - Rating 9/10

Louis Gordon is best known for his work as part of the John Foxx & Louis Gordon team. Together, they've released seven albums of cutting edge electro music. As a solo artist, he has released some interesting self-promoted albums, sometimes more in the vein of folky Sixties songs. This is his first full electronic album, and his first official release on the Toffeetones label.

This record pays strong debt to his long-time collaborator and is, unexpectedly, extremely rich and varied. Electro music may sometimes sound a bit samey on an album's length but Louis Gordon manages here to stay impressively cohesive while exploring many paths...

As cold and electronic as it sounds, 'Girl With A Voltage' is the sexiest electro-funk piece ever heard, a real dancefloor smash. The beautiful and eerie 'Move Through Grey' is so strongly reminiscent of John Foxx's Metamatic that it sounds like a tribute to his partner. 'Jailbait' comes close to Jori Hulkkonen's 'Never Been Here Before' (featuring, again, John Foxx). 'Movie Stars' shares some production aspects with From Trash and the Kraftwerk-influenced 'Ride My Bike' (the title is there to let everyone know) has a great mechanical groove. 'Beautiful Girls With Miserable Faces' is funny and aggressive at the same time, and its soundtrack could have been part of the Crash and Burn sessions, the hopping vocals bringing it closer to the Sparks' excesses.

A great album from a talented musician and an impressive body of work. Can't wait for the next one...

Reviewer: Faylon (Customer) - Rating 8/10

Louis Gordon's first release on the Toffeetones has now been given a remaster by the label's mastering guru for 2009 and sounds all the better for it. It has all the classic Gordon trademarks here, crashing beats, harsh electronic bleeps but also moments of stunning beauty. There's very little in the way of vocals on this album but there is some nice vocoder touches on tracks such as 'Jailbait'. A really good introduction to the work of Louis with the promise of great things to come with his forthcoming album E.S.T. which is due for release soon we hear.