Guidelines For Contacting Toffeetones:
Toffeetones Records are only releasing material from UK based artists at present as we need to have a direct working relationship with our acts.
Please donít email us mp3ís, press-packs or post us CDís. Sending us unsolicited files doesn't make a good introduction.
Familiarise yourself with the type of music we release by listening to some of our existing catalogue. You can do this by downloading our free "Tasters" series of compilation EPs.
If you havenít already done so, get your music uploaded and online. SoundCloud is ideal.
Live performance is vital. Make sure you're already playing live and have a following. Part of the process of checking you out will involve coming to see you play and assessing crowd reaction.
Think about your presentation and your soundÖ Try to stand out!
If you believe you would suit our label, then email us a short paragraph of introduction and a link to your music. We listen to ALL music on SoundCloud or band pages. We can't offer critiques or explanations but if we like you, you'll hear from us!
To contact us, click below: